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Verizon FiOS TV and Internet Reviews

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Why we dropped Cable and switched to FiOS

submitted by Bob C. on 01/12/2008

I wrote this for those people thinking of switching from Cable to FiOS. The reasons that made me switch to Verizon FiOS. At this time for basically the same package, Cable is $159.95 - FiOS is $94.95 both are less extras with a two year signup. That's an amazing $65. a month savings and includes a much faster internet. Our FiOS speed tests usually show 20400kbps Down and 4200kbps up. This is very fast... Also, we find our VOIP is much clearer than with cable. It may be because . . . .

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FiOS TV and internet feedback from FL

submitted by pyramidimaging

Ok, I've had things installed about one week and I can say that I'm 90% happy. Install went very quick and smooth and great guys got it done. I rearranged my entertainment devices and can say for the first itme in years that I now have control of everything with only ONE remote!
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That has a lot to do with my Scepter HD monitor than anything else. It has so many inputs, including HDMI. However, the biggest reason is the remote that came from FiOS did a great job of acting like a universal remote. Downside was Scepter has no published universal codes- but I stumbled on a set that works. Also, not enough devices on the remote so I can't control my Sony 300 CD changer. But hey, soon that will go away in favor of audio on my PC. Of course I won't be able to use the same remote to control my PC. Oh well, that's for another topic.

Upside is the signal is great and I love my High Def, especially since my monitor supports native 1080p resolution. Downside is not enough HD channels (not a Verizon problem per se) and the HD storage programming guide is rather crude as compared to my old satellite DirectTV programmer. It's rather like going back to Windows 3.0- I could go on and on about how crude it is but I'm hoping that might change with some future revision upgrade. Verizon programmers should get a TIVO or Directv recording system and go thru the programming controls to see all the differences. Sometimes the fast forward control sticks (not a sticking button on the remote but program locks up) and I have to wait until the show goes all the way to the end before it frees up and allows me to go back to the beginning to hit Play. I could spend lots of time telling you all the differences. I'm disappointed but I don't regreat making the switch since DirectV wanted me to pay $500 for a HDTV recording system and sign a new 2 year contract just to get HDTV.

Internet, so far so good but I am having trouble getting full coverage in my place. I've written in the technical sesion in the forum about my problems trying to use a wireless extender. I would recommend everyone going to a better antenna- at least a 7dB gain, before trying the extender method.

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New FiOS install 12/22/05

submitted by wgatchell

Well I finally had FIOs installed at my house, and let me tell you it is well worth the money! Installer arrived at 9 AM and was done at 12 Noon. He was very nice guy and knew what he was doing. Was a very smooth installation. I have Packet8 (VOIP) phone service and it works well with the FiOS setup. I am signed up for the 15MB/2MB service and I average 14+MB/1.7+MB. I am using a D-Link DI-624 router, Windows XP Professional, with 3GHZ processor and 1GB of RAM. I downloaded the MSN Premium Software and it works well with Outlook 2003. ALL in ALL I am very happy with the service. THANK-YOU VERIZON!!!!

Order Verizon FiOS Now! Call 1-855-902-2783. Ask for the Triple Play Bundle.

Just got it - Cablevision not happy

submitted by bigshow1

I just got my new FiOS internet installed yesterday and I love it. The install went exactly as described on the Verizon site. It took about three hours. My install was easy. I already had an existing network and Optiumonline service. I got the 30/5 service for $55. It was $5 more than cablevision for their standard 10/? service. I guess they are pricing it locally based on the competition. The web site says it is $179 - $199 for 30/5. TV service not yet available in Rockland County NY yet. But, when it is I will be cancelling my basic cable and Direct TV satellite service.

When I called Cablevision to cancel I told them the truth and that I was switching to Version. The Cablevision rep putting it down saying I didn't know what I was doing. He really ticked me off. I was talking to the Verizon services guys - very friendly - and they told me there were about 10,000 installs in the county so far and 75% were existing Cablevision customers. the others were mostly Verizon DSL customers.

What they did was to run a fiber optic line from the pole - in my case - to the side of the house. Then install the guts to the outside wall of my garage. It is pretty big about 18" by 12". Next, they drilled through the wall and ran the network line to a battery back-up they installed on the wall on the inside of the garage. NOTE: the battery is only for Verison phone service. They want to transition all the traditional copper phone wire to fiber. If you loose power you loose the internet. Next, they ran the network wire over to where my existing setup was, installed the new Dlink Di-624 router and plugged the existing wires into the new router. I also have packet 8 VIOP phone service and it connected with no problem. If you don't have a existing network wire they will run it for you free of charge. We then booted my PC and connected to the router. They made the changes to read the fiber, saved the setting and the PC was connected. Speed tests were run to verify the speed and there were no issues. They did say that there were issues with PC's that did not meet the RECOMENDED minimum requirements - check the web site. They setup some email accounts an a few other services I was not interested in so I removed them after they left.

They aslo removed my old copper phone lines and removed the old phone box. It is no longer needed.

Comcast vs Verizon FiOS

submitted by Brian M.

I recently switched from Comcast HS Internet to FiOS Internet. The Comcast performance was very 'time-of-day' dependent. That is, it was really slow between 3 and 10 PM. I use Vonage for my phone and the VoIP was terrible during these hours, when Comcast was slower than DSL. Since I switched to FiOS there has been no problem with the phone and the "click 'n wait" syndrome is gone from my surfing. I should mention that about 1 week before I switched, I had a service appointment scheduled with Comcast to investigate the reported slow performance. They never showed up. I'm eager for the FiOS TV to be available in my town, and it should be here soon.

Adios Comcast!

Verizon FiOS triple play

submitted by Dennis S.

Have had FiOS triple play in NJ since early April. A week later I bought $10,000 of Verizon stock and a couple of months later $10,000 of Corning. Corning makes fiber optic and has a breakthrough working with Verizon on how to deliver Fiber where the lines need to make lots of sharp bends. Anyhow, FiOS is so much better than Cablevision, especially TV. Yes, internet is faster but I don't really care about that. Big difference is the TV is much more reliable without all the lag times and freezing with Cablevision. Install was easy and painless. Guys really knew what they were doing.

Happy after viewing Verizon FiOS HDTV

submitted by Charles P.

I can not begin to tell you how happy I am after 5 days of viewing FiOS HDTV since the installation! Let me start with the starting point!

I wasn't at home during the install - I had to work, but my wife who was there told me the gentleman who did the installation was courteous and professional and hard at work. I did speak with him on the phone when he needed to know my password to do the internet set up. By the time I arrived home from work, he had completed the installation and left but given my wife enough information, that I found it easy to navigate the TV channels.

Let's just go over the things I like the best.

1. Navigation - really simple and I hope in the next few days to set up a "favorites" line up which I haven't started yet.

2. Picture quality - I'd had Brighthouse before this...and they ignored me when I told them the signal strength coming in to my home wasn't strong enough, even after I added an attenuator! The picture on every TV in my house...old and new...standard and superior to the picture I have had using Brighthouse cable! It is as true with my digital stations as it is with the High Definition Stations. In fact now the digital stations look like they are high definition in comparison to my old cable company.

3. Channel Line every day I find something else. I am retired Navy....last night I watched F18 Operations aboard Navy Carriers! I watched Military news and caught the Military History Channel and the Pentagon Channel! I was blown away that these stations were In the line up and believe me I've told all my retired Navy Friends!

And as if the FiOS TV wasn't enough, my internet connection is faster than it's ever been and my Telephone reception is fantastic! Good grief my phone finally works like it was designed to work.

Now.....we'll see. One finds out the most about the people they are dealing with when there are problems. When it's all working right....anybody can be great....In the weeks and months to come, we'll see what kind of Customer Service Verizon has. From what I've seen so far, I have nothing to worry about!

Order Verizon FiOS Now! Call 1-855-902-2783. Ask for the Triple Play Bundle.

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