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Verizon FiOS Availability - Connecticut

Order Verizon FiOS Now! Call 1-855-902-2783. Ask for the Triple Play Bundle.

Verizon FiOS in Connecticut

Verizon FiOS ® is currently available for the state of Connecticut. There are several areas in the state where Verizon FiOS internet service is currently available. Many users have long wanted a newer and faster way to reach people across the world, FiOS is the answer. The FiOS internet service uses the speed of light to connect the internet. FiOS is also called Fiber Optic Service. Using fiber optic cables to connect to the internet beats DSL and Cable internet no hands down. DSL and Cable uses a copper connection while FiOS uses glass and transmits at the speed of light. Verizon's FiOS internet service is the new thing that will revolutionize the way you surf the internet. Looking for FiOS internet service? Find out here where you can get it now.

Verizon FiOS Internet / TV / Franchise Available in Connecticut (Town/City)

Cos Cob - Verizon FiOS
Greenwich - Verizon FiOS

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