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Bandwidth Speed Test

Bandwidth SpeedTest

Welcome to our bandwidth speed test page. The use of our bandwidth speed test service requires Java to be installed and enabled on your system. If you are experiencing problems locating the java software, please go to the FAQ section of our site.

Test Information:

The tests allows you to measure the download and upload rate of your current internet connection speed. By measuring the line throughput, you can accurately figure out the speed at which your download/upload rate is at. This will give you the bandwidth speed test results for the upload and download tests. The download rate measure how fast your computer can receive data from the internet and the upload rate shows the speed at which your computer sends information out.

The speed test should complete in 1 to 2 minutes, however, the average length of time it takes to complete the speed test is around 30 seconds. Systems running Linux may not receive accurate results due to the implementations of the use of Java. Your connection speed and location may be logged for statistical purposes.

Please choose the server nearest to you.

Arizona Bandwidth Speed Test

http://phoenix-speedtest.sprintbbd.net - Phoenix, AZ
http://tucson-speedtest.sprintbbd.net - Tucson, AZ

California Bandwidth Speed Test

http://www.timewarnerla.com/speedtest/speedtest.asp - Los Angeles, CA
http://www.jumbo.surfari.net/dsltest - Arroyo Grande, CA
http://elkgrove.speedtest.frontiernet.net/ - Elk Grove, CA
http://www.surewest.net/support/speed-test.html - Roseville, CA
http://fresno-speedtest.sprintbbd.net/ - Fresno, CA
http://sanfrancisco-speedtest.sprintbbd.net/ - San Francisco, CA
http://sanjose-speedtest.sprintbbd.net/ - San Jose, CA

District of Columbia Bandwidth Speed Test

http://wdc.speakeasy.net - Washington, DC

Florida Bandwidth Speed Test

http://melbourne-speedtest.sprintbbd.net/ - Melbourne, FL

Illinois Bandwidth Speed Test

http://www.t1-t3-dsl-line.com/speedtest.php - Sullivan, IL
http://web2.wintek.com/speedtest/index.html - Lafayette, IL

Massachusetts Bandwidth Speed Test

http://www.bos.speakeasy.net - Boston, MA
http://speedtest.adelphia.net/customerdiag/speedtest - Unknown, MA
http://speedtest.ma.charter.com - Unknown , MA

Michigan Bandwidth Speed Test

http://speedtest.chartermi.net/ - Detroit, MI
http://detroit-speedtest.sprintbbd.net - Detroit, MI
http://speedtest.umflint.edu - Flint, MI

North Carolina Bandwidth Speed Test

http://rrhighspeed.com/bandwidthmeter-0.6/meter.php - Wilmington, NC

New York Bandwidth Speed Test

http://web100.rit.edu:7123 - Rochester, NY
http://speedtest.rochester.rr.com - Rochester, NY
http://rochester.speedtest.frontiernet.net - Rochester, NY

Ohio Bandwith Speed Test

http://www.cinci.rr.com/speedtest - Cincinnati, OH
http://www.aroundcinci.com/speedtest/default.asp - Cincinnati, OH
http://cle.speakeasy.net - Cleveland, OH

Oregon Bandwidth Speed Test

http://pdx.speakeasy.net - Portland, OR

Pennsylvania Bandwidth Speed Test

http://www.wugnet.com/myspeed/speedtest.asp - Media, PA

Texas Bandwidth Speed Test

http://dfw.speakeasy.net - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
http://www.needhosting.net/bw/index.php - Houston, TX
http://houston-speedtest.sprintbbd.net - Houston, TX

Virginia Bandwidth Speed Test

http://jlab4.jlab.org:7123 - Thomas Jefferson NAF, VA
http://infospeed.verizon.net - Unknown, VA

Wisconsin Bandwidth Speed Test

http://speedtest.wi.voyager.net/speedtest.html - Milwaukee, WI
http://speedtest.wi.rr.com - Milwaukee, WI
http://rhinelander.speedtest.frontiernet.net - Rhinelander, WI

This completes the list of the bandwidth speed test. Have a speed test site that isn't included here? Email me at support@fiberexperts.com with a link of the bandwidth speed test page to add it to this list.

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