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Verizon FiOS Arrives to Colonie, New York

February 05, 2006

Residents in Colonie, New York can now order the Verizon FiOS internet service. This premium service offered by Verizon allows users to surf the internet at amazingly high speeds. FiOS uses fiber optic cables to transmit packets of data to the world.

Powered by the speed of light, the Verizon FiOS internet service produces connectivity at incredible speeds. Verizon is also bringing FiOS to Delmar residents in the Albany County. In recent months, Verizon has stepped up their efforts by increasing FiOS deployments across the nation.

Cities in as many as 16 different states can now feel the power that FiOS brings. Besides their fiber internet services, Verizon launched a new television service called FiOS TV which was deployed sometime in late September of last year to Texas residents.

Since then, parts of New York, Massachusetts, Florida and Virginia residents have also had the opportunity to purchase this great television service. The FiOS TV service has been said to produce crystal clear pictures with amazing audio sounds.

Many believe fiber optics is the next generation of broadband internet for residential consumers. There may not be so far from the truth because of the excitement Verizon's FiOS services are bringing to people. Verizon is setting a standard for broadband internet speeds and other internet service providers may not be so far behind to offer similar speeds.

Since the launch of the first FiOS internet service, many people have been envious of those who are capable of receiving the 30Mbps download speeds that the Verizon FiOS service offers. While Verizon initially took baby steps to deploy the FiOS service in order to ensure that users will be satisfied with the service, they are now at full steam deploying their fiber services wherever it is needed.

If you are a resident amongst one of the many states where Verizon FiOS is currently available, then you should be feeling pretty lucky. Otherwise, it may be a while before you're able to see what Verizon FiOS can bring. There are currently only 3 different types of service packages available.

These are the 5, 15 and 30Mbps packages with up to 5Mbps upload speeds. For $34.95, Verizon will offer you the 5Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream if you also choose a one-year agreement or are part of the calling package. Otherwise, the 5/2Mbps package would cost $39.95 a month.

The 15Mbps downstream and 2Mbps upstream tier costs $44.95 a month with a one-year agreement or as part of a calling package, or $49.95 a month without. The last and final tier is the most premium package being offered, the 30 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream.

This package is being offered to broadband intensive users who do more than check their email or surf the web. The 30/5Mbps package is more suited for the power users such as people who are gamers or watch streaming video content from the internet.

Once, DSL and Cable Internet were the cream of the crop, making dial-up internet look like a snail. Now, there is FiOS is here, which make dial-up internet look like a rock. Previously, DSL and cable were supreme, now they are taking a backseat to Verizon FiOS the fiber optic internet service.

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