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November 02, 2005


November 02, 2005 -- Verizon Offers FiOS to Multiple Delaware Communities -- Verizon has added FiOS internet services to additional communities and towns in Delaware. Residents in parts of Angola, Delaware City , Middletown, Newark, North Wilmington and Hockessin are now able to receive blazing high speed from Verizon FiOS.

The advantage of having Verizon FiOS internet service over any other internet provider's service is the ability to surf at over 10 times the speed that of what an average cable broadband internet provider provides.

The speeds at which FiOS subscribers can achieve can go up to 30 Mbps (megabits per second) for downloads with an upload speed at up to 5 Mbps. FiOS will provide these new residents with the ability to download webpages, music and streaming video in a flash.

This new availability for the towns in Delaware are a few of the first communities to receive FiOS nationwide. Verizon FiOS is currently being offered to 15 states in the US and they have plans to continue expanding its FiOS service to another 13 additional states.

In the Long Neck, Pot Nets, Peninsula , and Rehoboth Shores communities of Angola, Verizon FiOS is now available to selected customers. While in Middletown, Long Meadow, Sugar Loaf Farms, Odessa National and Dove Run are a few city's where FiOS is available.

Verizon FiOS is also available to a few more communities in north Wilmington, these include Windybush, Foulk Woods, Northshire, Graylyn Crest, Lynnfield and Green Acres.

In Delaware City, new additions of the FiOS rollout are available in North St. Georges, Port Penn and Augustine Beach. The other few places in Delaware where you can find newly available FiOS are in the Hockessin and Newark area.

These include Deerborne Woods, Timberline Terrace Park, Cannonshire, Old Post Farms, Heather Woods and Charlan. People living in these areas will be able receive speeds at an unimaginable rate.

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